Drain Clean Crystals FAQ

Q: Will using more than what is recommended clear the blockage faster?

A: No, use the recommended dosage and after 2 hours, apply again. If blockage still persists, it is a serious blockage and plumber should be notified.


Q: Can I use the product in my toilet?

A: No, as this can actually cause a more serious blockage as the crystals will clump together if immediately exposed to large quantities of water such as the toilet.


Q: Are the crystals safe for septic tanks?

A: Yes, but no more than 2 applications of the product a month


Q: The product didn’t work?

A: There are many possibilities for which a blockage can occur within a drain from grease and grime to hair and dirt. It is important to note what products are in the drain clean range so a better decision can be made when selecting the right product for your drain. If one doesn’t work, try the other. If all else fails, then the blockage can be considered serious and a plumber should then be called.


Q: The product doesn’t seem to be pouring into the spout, what’s wrong?

A: Sometimes the crystals may clump at the bottom of the product. This can usually be resolved by pouring hot water over the container to loosen the crystals up ensuring all the lids are securely fastened on. If this fails, drop us a line.