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Carpet Foam FAQ

Q: The product isn’t coming out of the spray like it probably should, what is wrong?

A: This is usually because the can hasn’t been shaken enough, the can isn’t being held upright or the spray nozzle is faulty. Resolve per issue, if the spray nozzle is faulty, and then replace the product for the customer.


Q: The product hasn’t worked on a stain on my floor?

A: The product is designed to work on stains that are aren’t too old. If the stain has been there for longer than 24 hours, it is unlikely the product will be able to remove all evidence of the stain. If the stain was recent and the product hasn’t performed up to standard contact technical for testing.


Q: If I leave the product on the stain for longer, will it have more of an effect on the stain?

A: We suggest using the product as per the instructions on the back of the label. The type of carpet, conditions, previously used products are all factors that can contribute to a negative performance on the product. Ensure that you test in an inconspicuous area before attempting on the entire stain.