Long Life
Grout Cleaner FAQ

Q: Does this product bleach the grout white or does it actually clean it?

A: The product does clean the grout of the debris that is stuck to it, this is why it might need to be wiped or cleaned off after use.


Q: Would I be better using this product before or after the Long Life Tile Cleaner?

A: We would suggest using the product before using the Tile Cleaner because the Tile Cleaner can then clean up any reminiscence of the grout up and also any remaining Grout Cleaner left behind.


Q: The product has stained my grout a different colour, what has happened and how do I solve the problem?

A: This is 99% of the time due to a combination of the products previously used with the Grout Cleaner. Unfortunately, this can’t be resolved easily. Refer question to technical and see what the next steps are.