Long Life
Tile Cleaner FAQ

Q: Is there a specially designed mop for this product?

A: Unfortunately, we have not manufactured a mop for the product, but this product can work with any mop that is available from your local hardware store.


Q: The product didn’t work on my tiles?

A: This can be due to previous products that have been used on the tiles or due to the dilution used on the product. Refer to technical and follow up with customer to see if they followed the instructions on the back of the bottle correctly.


Q: Where in the house can I use this product?

A: Anywhere from the kitchen, bathroom, toilet etc where tiles are located. Keep in mind that this product will not work on outdoor tiles due to the gradient of the type of tiles.


Q: Does this product clean the grout as well as the tile?

A: Grout is made of a different type of substance compared to tiles, hence it takes a different type of product to clean them. The Long Life Tile Cleaner will not clean the grout but the Long Life Grout Cleaner will be more than satisfactory for  the job.