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Timber Floor Cleaner FAQ

Q: What types of timber can this product work on?

A: The product is suitable for all timbers if they are suitably sealed. Check with your manufacturer or supplier of the timber to see if the active is suitable.


Q: Will this product keep the flooring clean for long?

A: The product is effective in keeping timber floors clean, however, depending on the traffic on the flooring this can be anywhere between days, weeks or months before another clean is required. It is a matter of testing the product to see how often you would probably need to clean it.


Q: Is this a polish?

A: This product is not a polish as it does not leave a “waxing” layer on the flooring. This product will however clean the floor and give it a bit of a shine.


Q: Can this product be used on other flooring other than timber?

A: This is not recommended as we have not tested the product on other types of flooring.