Goo and Stain Remover FAQ

Q: The spray of the product isn’t working, what is wrong?

A: This might one of three reasons; the product hasn’t been shaken properly, some of the product from a previous use might be blocking the spray region and the spray might simply be faulty. Ensure the can is properly shaken, if the spray still doesn’t work, then scratch any product that might be left on the spray nozzle.


Q: Can this product be used on clothing to get rid of stains?

A: This product can be used on clothing except for woolen or silk garments.


Q: This product leaves an oily residue, is this normal?

A: This is perfectly normal. Due to the chemical composition of the product, it will leave an oily residue behind. This can be simply resolved by washing with water or if clothing, putting on a regular washing cycle.