Shower Sparkle FAQ


Q: This product has completely streaked my shower and now it looks terrible, what do I do?

A: Shower Sparkle  is not designed to completely get rid of soap scum and residue, it is designed as a maintenance product, which is why on the back of the bottle it states that before using you need to start with an already clean shower. The reason it has streaked is due to the product attaching itself to the build up of soap scum which is already on the shower, this creates that white streaky look. This can be easily resolved by using Sparkle for Bathrooms on the streaky areas until all residues has been properly cleaned away, only then once the shower has been completely cleaned, should you use the Shower Sparkle to maintain.


Q: The spray trigger isn’t working, why is this?

A: This is either a build up of product in the trigger, a crystallization of the product in the bottle blocking the dip tube. Simply rinse under hot water, or pump hot water through the mechanism.