Sparkle for Bathrooms FAQ

Q: This product has a very strong, nasty smell to it, why is that?

A: It is unfortunate that the product does have this odour, it is very necessary
though. The chemicals that are used in the product need to be strong to combat
all muck, grime, and mould build up in the bathroom, and sometimes this can be
hard if not impossible to remove with a nice smelling, natural product. It is
suggested that the area in which using the product should be well ventilated to
ensure less breathing in.


Q: What is the difference between this product and the Sparkle for Showers?

A: This product is designed to completely clean and eradicate all signs of mould,
grime and lime scale in your bathroom and shower. It is a very strong and
volatile product that performs against the strongest of stains. The Sparkle for
Showers is designed as a maintenance product after using the Sparkle
for Bathrooms. You spray the product once every couple of days around your
shower and it maintains the cleanliness of the shower. Simply spray and the
next time you shower, the product gets washed off.

Q: This product has stained my grout, what is going on?

A: This is due to the product mixing with a previous product that was used and both of
them causing a chemical reaction on the grout. We would suggest using the Long
Life Grout Cleaner to attempt to clean the grout.

Q: How often should I used the Sparkle for Bathrooms to clean my bathroom?

A: However often is needed, this can be anywhere between 1 week to 3 months. We usually
would suggest every month to ensure that the entire bathroom remains clean and
mould free.

Q: Is there a refill for this product?

A: There was previously a refill for this product, but it is no longer available.