Sparkle for Mould FAQ

Q: Can I use this product anywhere other than my bathroom?

A: This product has been tested to effectively kill mould; however, we have only tested in the bathroom, shower and toilet. If are to try anywhere else in the home, we suggest trying in an inconspicuous area first before attempting the entire area.


Q: The product spray trigger isn’t working, what is wrong with it?

A: This can be due to some of the product being stuck in the trigger mechanism. First rinse the spray trigger in hot water, if this doesn’t work then trying pumping hot water through the system.


Q: The product has an extremely strong odour, is this dangerous to breathe in?

A: The product can be dangerous if copious amounts of the product is inhaled. If you are using the product as per the instructions on the back and in a well ventilated area, then the product will not pose any harm to the user.